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Have you ever realised that approximately 50% of your energy bills are associated with your boiler? This simply implies that minimising the energy bills associated with your boiler is a perfect way of lowering your energy bills. This will go a long way in helping you save a few bucks of your income. Such savings can be used in making new investments including enhancing your backyard or modifying your home or anything else you can think of. At Eco Efficient, we believe that only a boiler in good working condition can operate efficiently.

According to experts, regular boiler inspection and servicing is there only way to ensure that your boiler is working efficiently at any given time.  During the servicing process, our engineers will focus on determining the efficiency level of different boiler components. Based on the details they will connect, the engineers will be able to determine whether you need to replace some of the boiler components or not.  They will also check for faulty boiler parts and perform the necessary repairs.

Note that boiler cleaning is extremely important. Given the complexity of a boiler and how delicate are some of its components, it is evident that a boiler should be cleaned by an expert. Our engineers will clean your boiler piece by piece while ensuring that the delicate parts are handled with the necessary care. This will ensure that at the end of the servicing process your boiler is clean and operating efficiently.

In addition to boiler servicing, we offer boiler installation and boiler repair services. Note that even if you have been sensing your boiler since you bought it, with time, the chances are that it will develop a problem at one point no matter how minor the problem might be. Whenever boiler issues show up, we strongly advise that you should contact our client support team and schedule a boiler repair session with our engineers. Besides, if you intend to install a new central heating system, our engineers will also be ready to help you.

We also provide central heating installation services to homeowners. According to the commercial and domestic heating requirements, a central heating must be done by a qualified and certified engineer. That means that you should hire a company whose engineers are registered with Gas Safe. At Eco Efficient, our engineers will first show you their registration card as a proof that you are dealing with an expert.

One of the things that have made our services popular is the quality of the services we provide and the prices we charge. All our employees focus on helping each of our clients. Most importantly, we aim at maximizing the satisfaction that each of our customers derives from our services. That’s what keeps us operational and fire up the desire to serve better.

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