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Boiler Repair Hendon

Eco Efficient boasts of more than three decades of experience in offering flawless boiler servicing. Our engineers have many years of experience in inspecting, cleaning, and repairing boilers. They are also well-vetted to ensure that we only allow professional to interact with our clients and help make their boiler more efficient.

Keep in mind that experts argue that a boiler should be serviced at least once every year to eliminate the possibility of frequent boiler breakdowns. Besides, regular boiler servicing and inspection enhances the efficiency level of a boiler. This decreases your energy bills and offers you a perfect chance to save a few bucks of your income.

In addition to boiler servicing, we offer the following services;

Boiler installation

Boilers are currently one of the most important household appliances. They provide hot water and make your home a comfortable place especially during the winter. If you intend to install a new boiler in your home, then, you should remember that the installation process must be completed by an expert. As much as you would wish to save some money, you shouldn’t attempt to install a boiler on your own.

Boiler repair

At Eco Efficient, we have boiler repair experts ready to help you deal with any issue affecting your boiler. It goes without a saying that boilers may develop issues with time. While you can’t control this possibility, you can always control how you respond to boiler issues. Eco Efficient presents homeowners with the best ways of handling boiler breakdowns.

Central heating installation

A home without a central heating might sound incomplete. How will you keep warm during the winter season if you lack a central heating in your home? Contact Eco Efficient. Our experts have a broad knowledge of how different central heating systems work and how to install them perfectly. They have the necessary tools and equipment to analyse your home layout and determine the most effective position to install the central heating.

Central heating repair

No matter how strong your central heating might seem, it may develop issues at one point in time. It’s worth mentioning that central heating repairs should be done by an expert. This is because such systems are highly complex and one problem may be associated with different components of the central heating. Therefore, you will require an expert to help in diagnosing the exact problem and solve using the right tools and approach.

Gas and boiler leaks

One of the things that most homeowners fear is gas leaks. Flammable gas results in explosion whenever exposed to fire or spark. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to keep on checking your boiler to make sure it’s not leaking. Once you suspect a gas leak or notice that your boiler is leaking, then, contact us immediately.

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