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Some components of a machine tend to get worn out when in use. A boiler is no exceptional to this. It is, therefore, paramount to ensure that you service them regularly. Experts recommend that you do so at least ones a year. Eco Efficient is you go-to partner for servicing. We have been providing boilers servicing in the United Kingdom and its environment for a long time. Therefore when you contact us you can be sure that you are going for the best.

We have earned a reputation of excellence and competence within the past few decades. This is because we endeavour to provide quality, reliability and convenience. We are also a registered company which obliges to all gas regulations laws. You can be sure that we will help you ensure the safety of your loved ones. Thus, for boiler servicing contact us. Our services are second to no other.

To avoid major breakdowns which can cause disruptions and headache, it is important you service your boiler. Regular boiler maintenance will ensure that your boiler is always efficient which means you save largely on energy bills as well as repair. All you need to do is schedule a meeting with our able engineers.

We offer a broad range of boiler and central heating services. These include;

Boiler installation

Having your boiler installed by an amateur is a call for future problems. This is because an improperly installed boiler is prone to malfunction easily. Therefore, it becomes necessary to contact the best experts for these services. Our engineers are qualified and have a deep understanding of boiler installation.

Boiler repair

A boiler is likely to develop problems with time. At Eco Efficient, our engineers have expansive knowledge on the functions of a boiler. They are able to detect problems and fix them within no time. They will get your boiler up and running quickly.

Central heater installation

A central heater is a necessity in your house. It helps keep your home warm and comfortable. You should have your central heater installed early, to avoid last minute rush in the winter. Due to the complexity of central installation process you will need an expert. Eco Efficient has got you covered. Our engineers are well equipped and have wide knowledge on how to install a central heater perfectly.

Central heater repair

You should never attempt to repair your central heater on your own. A worn out part of a central heater can be very dangerous. This is because it produces the deadly carbon monoxide gas. You should repair it as soon as possible to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.  You should also know that is illegal to operate a gas unsafe item.

Gas and boiler leaks

Gas and boiler leaks can be a cause for alarm and worry. They can lead to lose of life and property. Eco Efficient has gas safe engineers who will help fix this problem and put your worries to rest.

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